Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why the Desert is Cool

Because it's winter, silly. Ha. I kill myself.

Yes, even in the desert, winter's fingers creep in. When the sun goes down, temperatures plummet. We may have been enjoying 75-degree weather during the day, but nighttime drops to the 30's. Okay, you readers huddling inside away from the snow and subzero temperatures can stop glaring. I realize the winters here are pretty mild. It's not my fault my blood has thinned and turned me into a pansy.

The real reasons the desert is cool:
  • Awesome sunsets
  • The Coolest thunderstorms and lightning
  • No shoveling snow
  • Bella loves the big open sky and the smell of creosote
  • Heated outdoor pools, swimming year round
  • Old West history - OK Corral, Tombstone, Boot Hill Cemetery...
  • Stephenie Meyer lives here
  • Sunny park weather
  • Real roadrunners (and coyotes!) in the wild
  • Long growing seasons
  • It's one letter away from desserts...
What else?


Martin said...

I'm a little worried that more than one of those reasons were related to Twilight.

Holly K said...

I was just going to say exactly that!