Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Five

I love lists. Lists, bullet points, nice rows, and charts... And ellipses. Without further preamble, I give you my Friday list of five random items:

Five movies I can watch over and over. As in, I can watch it and immediately restart it to watch again. (Which is why Pride and Prejudice doesn't make the cut. Six hours is enough for one day. But twelve?)
  • Twice Upon a Time - a movie from the 90s where Beth Sager (Molly Ringwald) finds herself in a parallel universe where salads are fattening, cars have 8-tracks and microwaves, and she's married to an ex-boyfriend. It's just awesome. Also, I like George Newbern, who plays her 'real' boyfriend. And Molly sings jazz. Need I say more? Too bad it's not on DVD yet...
  • Beauty and the Beast - from the Cannon fairy tale series starring Rebecca De Mornay and John Savage (heh). This is the version that I watched when I was younger before the Disney version (which I also love) came out. I love just about every incarnation of the Beauty and the Beast/Psyche story, and something about the nostalgia and music and charm of this one just doesn't get old.
  • Fellowship of the Ring - along with The Sorcerer's Stone, this was one of a very small collection of DVDs I owned when my first daughter, Sarah, was a baby. I had one or the other constantly in the DVD player to get me through nursing all hours of the day and night. Still love it.
  • How to Steal a Million - How can you help but love a classic? I think if I'd been born in the 50s, I'd have had a crush on Peter O'Toole. I'm not sure I don't anyway.
  • Twilight - You knew it was going to be on here, right? I have seen it three times in the theater so far, and it hasn't gotten old yet. It is supposed to be released on DVD around Valentine's Day. Awww!


Kirsten said...

You crack me up! Love you!

Holly K said...

I think you own the only copy of Twice Upon A Time in existence. Just fyi.

Queen Shannon said...

Possible. Good thing I stole it from Melissa then.

Maybe I will see if I can borrow Mom and Dad's VHS converter-to-DVD thingy. Everyone could have a copy!