Monday, January 26, 2009

Love It Lunes

This week I Yoga, you are relaxing and make me feel all zen-like. You give me a sense of accomplishment when I realize you are not as hard and scary as you looked. I love your warrior pose and your dancer pose. I love your calming breathing exercises. And you give me a workout without the drudgery of jogging or something equally repellent. However, you also remind me of Hogi Yogi. Mmmmmm. Yoga.


(Lunes is Spanish for Monday. Goodness knows we all love Mondays. I justify my usurpation of the Spanish word for the cause of alliteration and by virtue of living an hour away from the Mexican border. Also I took two years high school Spanish.)

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Alisha said...

I love yoga! And yes, yoga on the wii fit, so fun. No irritating running. No dumb weights. No treadmills. Just breath, enjoy the quiet, and move fluidly from pose to pose. Hurray for yoga! Hurray for wii fit! Hurray for ice cream!