Monday, January 19, 2009

Love It Lunes

This week I love World's Finest chocolate covered almonds. Oh, almonds, I bought 4 boxes of you at Walgreen's in December when you were on sale 2 for $5. And then I got a $5 rebate back. So for $1.25 a box, I have you. Yummy, yummy candy. (It gets a bad point for price because it was not free, and there's no more rebate for me to go buy more.) I really like the taste of your chocolate, and you have just the right amount on each almond. And I see on the website that you also come in dark chocolate! I have to be careful though. I discovered that I can easily eat an entire box of you in one sitting. Which is bad. Because 1/4th of your box has 35% of my daily recommended saturated fat. Ugh. Now I feel dirty. It's probably just as well that I refuse to pay full price for you. Unless there's another rebate...

Still a win, but a dangerous one.

(Lunes is Spanish for Monday. Goodness knows we all love Mondays. I justify my usurpation of the Spanish word for the cause of alliteration and by virtue of living an hour away from the Mexican border. Also I took two years high school Spanish.)

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