Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Five

I love lists. Lists, bullet points, nice rows, and charts... And ellipses. Without further preamble, I give you my Friday list of five random items:

Five things I like to do on Facebook:
  • Be nosy and see what everyone is up to.
  • Play Mob Wars. Yeah, it's another pointless application. But I just giggle to myself whenever my profile gets updated "Shannon just accomplished dealing drugs" or "robbing the jewelry store." And I can count all my earnings and buy up city blocks. I'm going to be a millionaire!
  • Green Patch. Yet another application. But they're so cute!
  • Look at all the fun flair buttons. I'm pretty sure my collection is a definitive representation of me. From "I freaking love coloring" to "I vote for naptime" to "I'm the reason you read Twilight - you're welcome" my virtual cork boardbares my soul to the world. Or Friends and Friends of Friends. Whichever.
  • Add friends. And get confirmations back. I've never been so popular!!

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