Monday, February 9, 2009

Love It Lunes

This week I love Chex Mix. Honey Nut Chex Mix. You are salty. You are sweet. You are good for snacky cravings. You are not as high in sugar as candy. You are not as high in salt as chips or other salty snacks. You are low in saturated fat. You allow me the illusion that I'm getting a healthy treat. You were also pretty cheap on sale with a coupon. I love your cousin Dark Chocolate Chex Mix too, but she is a little less healthy.

Win. 22/35, 62.9% win.

If you are not satisfied with my rating system, you may make suggestions for alternatives. You know who you are.

1 comment:

Holly K said...

Not satisfied!!

I'd give you all my complaints and suggestions, but I have already done so many times, and I'm late for class.