Monday, February 2, 2009

Love It Lunes

This week I love the library. Library, you are amazing. You are great. You save me from myself when I have impulses to break the budget buying even more books. You cater to my every whim. Self checkout in the children's area? You deliver. Books from other branches? You deliver. Reserve shelf moved closer to the children's section to avoid walking through the whole library with kids in tow? You deliver. Online renewals? Late fee grace periods? Online reservations? You deliver. I love you library. I see us together for a long, long time.

(Lunes is Spanish for Monday. Goodness knows we all love Mondays. I justify my usurpation of the Spanish word for the cause of alliteration and by virtue of living an hour away from the Mexican border. Also I took two years high school Spanish.)


Martin said...

I think you should come up with some sort of standard rubric for these. This seems a little too random.

Kirsten said...

Long live the library!!!